Fans of the popular TV show "Schlag den Star" can look forward to a new gaming experience: "Schlag den Star" is back in its third edition. The game promises even more fun, excitement and challenging games for all fans of the format.

With 24 brand new games, as well as the popular "Blamieren oder Kassieren", "SCHLAG DEN STAR - DAS 3. SPIEL" offers a variety of different challenges. This makes it the most comprehensive game in the entire series to date. Players will be able to put their skills to the test in various disciplines and compete in thrilling competitions.

A sure instinct is required for games such as "Throw Higher" or "Zig-Zag". Good timing is required for "Speed Darts". Players have to demonstrate a lot of knowledge about films for "Movie Quotes" and an excellent memory is helpful for "Memory Duel". There are a total of 12 quiz games and 13 action games.

In addition to the exciting new content, "SCHLAG DEN STAR - DAS 3. SPIEL" will offer a real online multiplayer mode for the first time. Players can compete against their friends and demonstrate their skills against them. This mode opens up completely new, location-independent opportunities for competition and provides hours of fun.

Another exciting new feature is the ability to create a customized show. Players can choose individually from all 25 games and create their own personal "SCHLAG DEN STAR" show according to their preferences. Whether action, knowledge or skill - there is something for everyone.

- 25 challenging games: 12 completely new and unique action and quiz games each, plus embarrass or cash in.

- Real online multiplayer: Play with up to three friends online against each other.

- Motion control: Use the motion controls of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers and show everyone what you've got.

- Your own show: Now you can put together your own show according to your preferences.

- Authentic: Elton will of course be there again to guide you through the show.

Radio-Interview with Elton (German):

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